Reading Order for Novels

The reading order for most of my series is pretty straightforward.

Science Fiction / Science Fantasy

For example, with the Future Of Humanity (FOH) series (AKA The Ark Series or The Journey Home series), pick up a copy of The Ark: The Journey Home and then follow the numbers through Parts 2, 3, 4 and so on until you’ve finished Part 9. At that point, pick up Terra 2, which is Part 10 but for some reason I didn’t label it as such.

In other science fiction, things aren’t so easy. In the For The Good of the Galaxy series—really only two books thus far—read The First Nine Days and then The Battle Begins.

In the Siberian Fields is SF that has nothing to do with aliens. Its sequel is The Claim.

I’ve recently finished a sequel for The 13-Month Turn. The sequel is titled The Stirchians: Rose’s Story. It will be displayed here within a week or two.

Five of my SF titles—The Storm, The Consensus, The Day the Earth Shuddered and Went Dark, Terminus Loop, and The Advent of Simon Stark—are stand-alone novels with no plans for sequels, though I might return to write more about the aliens in The Consensus. Writing their story was a great deal of fun.